Some of our greatest stories can be found through the past. Exploring our connections to family and place can inspire, teach and guide.

North Roots Research conducts genealogical research, analysis and transcription of historical records. Our passionate and methodical genealogists adhere to genealogical proof standards ensuring results are clear, accurate and comprehensive.

Personalized, one-on-one attention from our genealogists is provided throughout the research process with flexible phone appointments and correspondence.


Genealogical Services

  • Identification of resources and repositories likely to contain genealogical information related to your family, a thorough review for details to establish ancestral/familial connections
  • Creation of a genealogical database with names, dates and other details (age, gender, religion, birth, baptism, marriage, death, military records, etc.)
  • A professionally written, footnoted report, detailing the research process and analysis of the findings.
  • Pedigree charts and family group sheets showing family connections.
  • Copies of the supporting documents, which correspond with the footnotes in the report along with a full listing of sources searched

Types of records to trace family ancestors include the following:

  • Churches and cemetery records
  • Scrip records
  • Annuity pay lists
  • Census records
  • Fur trade records of HBC and NWC (HBCA)
  • Archaeological databases, historic site inventories
  • County records
  • Provincial Land Records Index ca. 1780-1920
  • Land and or taxation records
  • Will and estate files
  • Immigration and travel records
  • Local industry records (fur trade, rail, manufacturers, outfitters etc.)
  • Newspapers
Research Fee Structure

Every case begins with a detailed review to analyze what is required to complete your project. To get your project going, provide us with a brief summary containing the information you know and the goal you want us to meet. We will prepare a research plan, identifying repositories and collections of potential research value and send you a free assessment itemized quote with specific research tasks.

We invoice our clients on an hourly rate, plus the cost of any expenses your genealogists may incur while working on your project. A deposit of 50% of the service estimate is required before your project begins. In some cases, there may be negative results despite our best efforts, payment for services rendered will still be due.

Contact us for a quote!

Fill out our questionnaire so we know how best to structure your project.

* Details about your ancestor’s life include the following, if known (a) When were they born, married, died (b) when and where did they live during their lifetime (c) military service (d) school or religious affiliations (e) other interesting facts relevant to your project.

** Which repositories/collections have you examined? What types of documents have you compiled to date?