North Roots Research is an independently owned, Manitoba-based company that provides high-quality, practical and effective solutions for your development needs. We offer a full range of services involving archaeological, historical and traditional use studies across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northern Ontario.

Our considerable experience has involved all scales of projects with a variety of clients including: private landowners, large and small-scale developers, governmental agencies and Indigenous communities.

We collaborate with our clients to design services that preserve and manage heritage and cultural resources while facilitating sustainable and progressive development. These services may be integrated with other environmental, economic and social impact studies, or as stand-alone investigations.

North Roots Research can deliver timely, focused solutions, advising our clients to ensure compliance with regulatory heritage requirements and legislation.



  • Heritage Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA) Stage 1 through 4
  • Heritage Resource Impact Monitoring (HRIM)
  • Historical Characterization Overviews
  • Cultural and Heritage Protection Planning
  • Traditional Knowledge & Land Use Studies
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Technology
  • Archaeological Educational Programming & Training
  • Modeling & Constraints Mapping

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