About Us

North Roots Research is an independently owned, archaeological and historical consulting company based in Morden, Manitoba. Our services include Heritage Resource Impact Assessment; archaeological monitoring, historical and archival research; genealogical and family research services; traditional knowledge and land use and occupancy studies.

North Roots Research can offer practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions in a timely and effective manner to best serve our clients needs and to deliver high-quality products.

North Roots Research is an independently owned, Manitoba-based company that provides high-quality, practical and cost-effective heritage solutions for your development needs. Our professional archaeologists offer a full range of services involving archaeological, historical and traditional knowledge studies across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northern Ontario.



  • Manitoba Genealogical Society
  • Canadian Archaeological Association
  • Ontario Association of Professional Archaeologists
  • Manitoba Archaeological Society

Lisa Bobbie

Lisa C. Bobbie, owner, is a consulting archaeologist and historical researcher with twenty years’ experience in the culture and heritage resource management field. She holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology (Archaeology) with a minor in History from the University of Manitoba. Areas of experience includes Canadian Shield, boreal forest, prairie and subarctic regions, collaborating with many First Nations, Inuit, and Métis on heritage resource impact assessments, excavations, mitigation of cultural and heritage resource sites, traditional knowledge studies, oral history mapping and public educational programs. Key expertise include strong analytical skills, project management through all phases of a project lifecycle from planning stages through implementation, and has successfully helped license numerous development projects.


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